Deconstruction of Play

Kids like to take apart their toys. Adults do too. If you’re like me, you probably imagined what those action figure insides looked like. Maybe you took it a step further and performed surgery. If dolly’s anatomy ever peaked your interest, you might enjoy this piece I’m sharing. Artist Jason Freeny took an employment slump, mashed it with toys… Read More Deconstruction of Play



Don’t know if this is the right direction. And it hurts like I’ve been here before. Walking till there’s separation. Between my heart and yours. These steps have so much history. I don’t know how I could forget. Having me was just a game. A trifle devil’s bet. Possibilities of love. Kisses laced with death. Was… Read More Pacing

Moving On

The year is truly zooming. For crying out loud, it’s March tomorrow!  So much happened already. This month’s challenge caught me at a time when I really had to think about who to direct this to. Yes, there are unresolved issues. Honestly, and this is not a cop-out, I don’t have time to care. More importantly, for my… Read More Moving On

The Face Of

I brought back a new little friend that debuted on Instagram for the last week of October. And since it’s basically moi…This is the face we make when the wtf’s have all gone out the window. This is how we look when we are juggling thoughts and deeds. This is the face we’ll make when we… Read More The Face Of