The Skins EP on Bandcamp

The face of music ‘aint what it was. Please, I implore you. Check out The Skins. Just do it already.

This youthful group has the soul of a rock band seasoned  in dive bars and tour vans. Hope that wasn’t the case but you get what I’m saying. The musicianship, the vocals, the entire package is a kick in the teeth. I love rock music and The Skins do it more than justice. These kids are no joke!

I was sitting here watching the video thinking, “where did they come from”. I’m proud to claim them as fellow New Yorkers. Brooklyn baby! I’m from Manhattan but you know when something is really good, a borough is just a borough.

The Skins aren’t just good. They are whew, soooo good! Check ’em out when you can. I hear they are killer live.

I don’t have a favorite track yet. I love them all.

Good looking out to the crew over at Y’all really picked a winner


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