Weekly Photo Challenge: MINE

Mothers are amazing. OK, some have the potential. That is to say, mine is. See, she is the greatest Dream Keeper. She  gave me this necklace. I was over the moon when I received it. I’m happy it’s mine.

Something so simple…

Mom has been my biggest cheerleader. Mind you I have others and I’m grateful for them, but she out screams them all. This little ballerina you see is a symbol of my mother’s commitment to my latest and greatest endeavors. I’ve had this necklace since elementary school. 

I took the classes. Drove my parents insane with the “look at me” daily routine of home practice. I even loved the exercises on the ballet bar! Alas, my ballerina phase came and went. I never did master en pointe (unless you count in my sneakers while balancing hands on the sink and oven in our tiny galley kitchen). Oh, no that doesn’t count? OK. However, I had a mean demi pointe. 

There are not too many artifacts from my youthful curiosities left in my possession. As with most children, I either tossed the items or destroyed them. But this little one has followed me from one hectic move to another. Every time I pull her out, she is a reminder of how my mother has been my champion no matter the cause and many times in spite of distance. 

It amazes me how this piece of jewelry has stood the test of time and whims. I have had it in many unpleasant conditions for such a treasured object. Yet all it ever really needs to bring it back to life is a little soapy water, a good rinse, and a gentle rub. Sounds like a good elixir for people too, no?

Not to mention, it’s such a simply made piece. Although it has movable parts; they remain intact. Perhaps it’s a nod to the craftsmanship of Avon items from the past. LOL

I truly believe it was that voice nudging me, insisting “take care of this, you’ll want to keep this”. I’m glad I have. Way to go instincts!

Regardless, I’m thankful I have held on to her. As I clasp on to the hope and belief that I really can do great things. Some make take longer than others. Some may never come to fruition. But there is always another goal to reach for. Besides, my Dream Keeper will be cheering me on with the her index finger determinedly pointed at me telling me “don’t you ever give up”.

Thanks Mom!

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