I Don’t Wish You Were Here

That’s sounds harsh. Yeah, I know but hear me out. I’m happy you’re not here because if you were:

We wouldn’t be able to walk, ANYWHERE! Alright, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration. There is a track around the hospital; we could go for a leisurely stroll. Oh and there are some “streets” that are partly paved. Wait, wait! Downtown, yes we can walk downtown. However the familiar bustle that adds to our therapeutic window shopping is not here. You know how we secretly love to complain about someone bumping into us? How they have the nerve to not see us walking here? Yeah (shaking my head) that’s not happening in this place.

There is no such animal as let’s go to the corner store. First of all you would have to find said corner. Mind you there are instances of a convenient store. However a good number of them need the use of moving transportation to get to them. So my friend, no late night Oreo runs for you. You’d be better off getting them at Wally World on the day we go to get provisions for your stay. This leads me to another reason I’m glad you’re not here…

From the time I mentioned the phrase “Wally World” (big-box Mart for those not in the loop), you seriously thought I was talking about the amusement park in that 80’s movie. Do you remember how much we loved that movie? We used to crack jokes about the celluloid Wally World never knowing that one day (at least for one of us) it could be real. I know you can’t understand why I go there for almost everything. It’s alright. I didn’t get it when I first moved here. It’s an immersion process. One that you have greatly stressed that you do not wish to partake in. And I know those oratory offenses reminiscent of the primate area at the Bronx Zoo will have you looking at me as if I’m an endangered species completely out of her natural habit. Point blank, it’s not our normal.

Lastly, I’m happy you’re not here because if you were I would have to suffer through an awkward good-bye. I know you don’t like the hugging thing or the you’re gonna miss me thing. But I would hug the hell out of you. I would miss you more that I do now because I would have fresh memories of our adventures in the south: adding to our heavily dog-eared life journey. And I know you would miss me so much that you would seriously consider kidnapping me. I’d probably let you. So it wouldn’t be much of a kidnapping, but we could pretend it was. Yeah, the beginning of another chapter.

So when are you coming?


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