A Letter 20 Years Later

I’m liking this letter writing thing so I’m doing a non-daily prompt letter…I think

Hey G,

I pray that there isn’t much for me to warn you of because you heeded my advice. But then, I know you and you’re hard-headed. So if you didn’t go to LaGuardia, and you didn’t go to summer school, I’m praying that you didn’t leave New York or see your ex before you left. In the off chance—who am I kidding—keep reading lady.

While you’re in school, stay away from him, you know who I’m talking about. He doesn’t really resemble who you think he does. You’re projecting. If you continue on this road of not listening to spirit…when he speaks to you the way he will, show him the door. Do not let him pass go or collect $200, ya feel me? That’s a reference to the game Monopoly OK people, gutter brains!

Save your money! You don’t need those movie channels. You’re too busy studying anyway. Don’t buy those clothes or those shoes. You’ll wind up throwing or giving most of it away very soon. However, buy that trench coat. It is a life saver.

Build your savings account and use this money to go back home after you get your degree.

If you don’t save and you blow through your paycheck anyway, take a few days before you make that final decision. You know which one. I know what they are doing there. I know what they are saying about you. It’s not your problem. Keep your head up, stay the professional you are, and keep it moving until you save enough to high-tail it outta there.

If you saved a good amount but not enough to leave, go ahead and start the business. I know you don’t want to file paperwork for this location. It feels too permanent. It’s not. It will help you get to the where your heart is. People really do love your work. So make it legit and get a move on. Time is money baby.

You’re going to lose some people, metaphorically and otherwise. Take the lesson, leave the rest. Keep your heart open. There is a door closing and if you’re not careful, I fear you won’t be able to open it again. Remember what I said about being too good at being cold?

Don’t let people talk you into a box anymore. You don’t have to be nasty. No matter how they come at you, stay calm and make your point. You have the words, you always have. Say them or they will eat at you and terrorize you before you get out of bed.

Forgive your family for the way they behave when your grandmother passes. It’s gonna be ugly. Again, Mom is gonna need you.

Stop doubting yourself. Screw people and their opinions and their “what you need to do is…”

War of My Life by John Mayer is gonna snuggle into your soul like hot chocolate but it won’t make you cry yourself into dehydration, the way Yellow by Coldplay does.

Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made and the ones that you will make. You’ve bowed your head for too long now.

Lizz Wright singing Soon As I Get Home, says it all perfectly.

Now you know why you loved the movie The Wiz so much. You just don’t have magic slippers. You don’t really need them. Gotta trust your own magic; that my love, you have in abundance.


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