Daily Prompt: In 20 Years

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

—Thomas Alva Edison



You better not be there. You know where.

You better have made it to Paris and back to London.

I’m not hoping, I know you turned at least one story into a book, or a screenplay or both.

Please tell me you’re not waiting anymore. You at least dropped it once and for all or you went after it, come epic fail or ho-hum success.

Did we get some peace? I don’t mean as in “rest in peace” although I really wouldn’t be surprised. I’m still hoping for the best.

We still hope right? Otherwise why get up? There has to be something good to look forward to.

We do have something to look forward to right? I’ll take that expression as a yes.

P.S. Are you still afraid of clowns?

P.S.S whatever I hope you still have a sense of humor, it’s the only thing keeping us sane at this point.


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