Thou Art With Me

Daily Prompt: Coming To a Bookshelf Near You
Write a summary of the book you’ve always wanted to write for the back cover of its dust jacket.


You can’t put your finger on God’s plan. Sometimes an act of defiance brings you closer to destiny. 

I have made my decision. I’m walking away. My creator stands with arms folded refusing to give. The Unclean One stands to my right. Pleasure beyond belief written on his face. I’m walking backwards to the gates of the Hungry Spirits. Such a horrible noise they make with their anticipation to devour me. The stench of my hair singeing puts my conscience in a choke hold. My eyes plead with Father to show me He loves me regardless of my mistakes. He is stone, expressionless. The Evil One states his children will love the taste of my fallen soul.

I failed miserably at being a savior, too intent on being saved. Every smile supplied, every tear I turned into laughter, every pleasure I gave, left me weaker. Father yelled through the pages of His Word. He whispered demands. I couldn’t take the emptiness. I couldn’t bear the longing. With Him, it was all might and not enough tenderness. The damage, my soul in unrecognizable pieces.

The dream always went this way. However the living nightmare varied. Years of spiritual turmoil led to the only possible solution. Turning her back on God wasn’t what she wanted.

THOU ART WITH ME is the story of one woman’s struggle with religion and how the way home is often through a revolving door. Releasing herself from the perfection wheel, she found God was with her all along. Abandoning dogma led her to God’s resting place, her heart. 

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