Is Your Love Big Enough? Mine Is!

Lianne La Havas

Lianne La Havas

I love saying her name. It just does something to me. Sounds even better when she says it though. Perhaps it’s that London vibe.

Is Your Love Big Enough? Her song asks.

Hell yes it is!

Her music, oh man. Her music snatches me by my locs and sings the soul back into me. She’s on my girl crush list, oh yeah uh huh. She speaks my language. She gives the blues a tissue, pats it on the back, and continues till her message is complete.

On Lost & Found, Lianne bitter-sweetly glides through a painful relationship that has her second guessing herself. I’ve been there. Came in feeling optimistic, left not knowing which way was up. 

No Room for Doubt ft. Willy Mason, makes me feel like I’m walking through a field of wild flowers. However, the duet are going back and forth about frustrating uncertainties often faced in relationships. You know how it goes when you’re trying to get to know someone. You hit a roadblock. Pride makes you want to leave but the connection lulls you back. Are they OK? Because if they are, then you are. The lyrics are so simple and so damn on it. Sigh…it’s perfection.

If you like your music stripped of bravado but lush on the beauty of tiny moments, Lianne La Havas is your woman. She’s got music to flip your ex the bird, music for leaving a relationship you thought you had figured out, and there’s even music for loving an older man. It’s a mix of tasty delights for your ears. Take a listen, you’ll thank me.

Note: If the Is Your Love Big Enough video doesn’t play, the title link above will take you to it.


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