Are You Feeling This?

Do my posts ignite your senses? Can you taste my words? Can you hear my drive to create? Did I blow your mind with those questions? OK, I’ll stop playing. The only reason I’m asking is because, I’m honored to receive a Sensual Blogging Award from my brilliant friend Addy. Thank You! Go check him out after reading this post. His blog certainly leaves no sense untouched.

Here are the rules:

When nominated for the Sensual Blogging Award the blogger must:

  • Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.

  • Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.

  • Answer 7 sensual questions.

  • Select some nominees and notify them on their blogs.

  • Copy and paste the award on your blog.

Sweet, let’s do this!

  1. Most romantic memory: 1st time I woke up in someone’s arms from an all night make-out session. Our clothes still on. We smiled at each other and kissed (morning breath and all) as if picking up where we left off. It was amazing that I didn’t have the urge to run or make him leave. Best morning after thus far.

  2. Most sensual music:  No contest for me on this. 

  3. Most sensual season: Fall, there’s still enough heat on some days. The perfect breeze that brushes the soft fabric from a summer dress across my legs; love that. However, it’s cool enough to snuggle on other days. I like to have layers to remove…

  4. Favorite flower: White Orchid (yes these are artificial but I like using my own pics)…

  5. Favorite fruit: Mango

  6. Best gift received: A silver Ankh necklace from my Mom for my birthday.

  7. Love issometimes evident when you don’t say the words. Your actions (good & bad) often speak louder.

My Nominations:

  1. Becoming Aussie

  2. Rarasaur

  3. gonzarro

  4. A Letter To A Lover (aka my sister from another Mother)

  5. FEC-THis


3 thoughts on “Are You Feeling This?

  1. I’ve finally got my act together today and here I am to say thank you for nominating me for this award. I’ve posted a little acceptance – it’s a bit like being at the Oscars only I will never get there so FEC-THis will have to do. I’ve linked back to your site in the post Keep writing, making, photographing always 🙂

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