A Place Called Here

Today’s Daily Prompt: Oasis

A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

I couldn’t resist. Initially, I was gonna scrap the post because I don’t have a physical place I go to. However, being the creatasarus (of course I had to make up a name) I am, I realized that my place is with me 24/7.

so many goodies come from here
so many goodies come from here

We are creative by nature. Whether you realize it or not, everything is an act of creation. Are you a PowerPoint master? Do you write the songs that make everyone fall in love? Can you make foam art in my coffee? I can’t but if I could, I know there is a springboard for my inspirations. In my case, manifestations of any design start as a thought, a wish, and almost always a dream. Deep in thought is a place I frequent.  

write and releaseI often listen to music while I’m making. It helps me focus. However I also make the music whether it be lyrics or a full-blown song that no one but my shower gets to hear. Other times, I simply write about the issues I’m facing. So, when thoughts take up too much space, they get le boot. De-junking my mind has gotten me out of many sticky situations my mouth would have gotten me into. I’ve written plenty of unsent letters to people. This is excellent for clearing out all the poo life dumps on me from time to time. I highly recommend it!

happy making
happy making

Last but certainly not least nor the breadth of the places my mind takes me, I make jewelry. Yeah I know like who doesn’t. It’s (at times) work, most times it’s for pleasure.  

Best part, I get to bring other people joy. And that makes me feel good because happy is a place I love being in as much as possible.

Where’s your Oasis?

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