This Week Keeps Getting Better!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

This is really cool! Thank you Tracy from FEC-THis! Tracy’s doing it Beaker style for the cure of Cancer. She brings wit and tenderness to the day-to-day struggles of a disease that affects too many people. I read her posts and I experience a range of emotions. Her words are beautiful, scary, and honest. I’m really not doing her justice so I strongly suggest that you visit and see for yourself what an inspiration she is!

I’m just doing my creative thing. I live my tag line “driven to create by any means necessary”. It is a big deal knowing that someone else is inspired by what comes natural to me. Tracy’s nomination is super awesome. Yeah I said super awesome, so what?! Alright, enough of me, I hear the orchestra playing so I’ll hop to the formalities (which I will have to tweak just a bit).

Rules comes with acceptance of the award:

1. Display the award logo on your blog: CHECK 

2. Link back to the person who nominated you: Hey Tracy!

3. State 7 things about yourself:

  1. I love Cadbury Milk Chocolate.

  2. I still wouldn’t mind performing on Broadway someday.

  3. Guys with glasses are like kryptonite for me.

  4. I cry every time I watch Rudolph’s Shiny New Year.

  5. My favorite color is the rainbow.

  6. I love to stare at the stars when I’m outside my building, even if it makes me look silly.

  7. When I was a kid, I recorded radio shows on my cassette player. As in, I was the announcer, I played the music, I acted out the commercials… 

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them:

OK here’s where I have to alter the rules. I haven’t dived into the blogging community to know 15 people to nominate, not even half. Some people I had in mind have received this multiple times and I didn’t want to drown them in it. 

All That I Am. All That I Ever Was…Another blogger on the “honesty is the best policy” flow. Addy might get me for this, but that’s alright. I still think he’s influential.  And he does as well, even on not so good days.

A Letter to A Lover…Chanel and I have written together since we were running around Riverside Park. She writes of love in all it’s splendor, all it’s decadence,  and in all its twisted ways. Soul to soul is how we communicate.

3 thoughts on “This Week Keeps Getting Better!

  1. Thanks for the nomination. Unless I’ve forgotten it’s the first time I’ve ever been gifted this award, so it’s all rather exciting 🙂

    And nope, I don’t think I’m influential. I just ramble on and hope someone likes it 😉

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