Goodnight Visionaire

Goodnight Visionaire

Stupid idealist, phantom pleasure, you’re of no use to me.

Picturing a lover’s eyes makes my head spin, not in a lovesick way, but in a ‘fool why are you still driving yourself mad with delusions of grandeur?’ sort of way.

My window of opportunity…was never open very wide or for too long.

Painfully I remember the blessed and cursed sight of twin shooting stars racing through the heavens in a brilliant arch of celestial light. The him of the moment, with precise timing uttered sweetly, “that’s you & me baby”.

Words can change your life.

The ones we speak.

The ones we keep.

I blinked and he was gone like those stars. Guess someone wasn’t concerned with his idea of us.

There are beautiful, destructive forces that govern the universe. Coincidence is the master of the What-If clan who turn improbabilities into dreams come true.

Misfortune is Fate’s doppelganger and is always the one to blame when Fate neglects to deliver the goods. Lust, a seductive muse who throws a torrid veil over the ugly reality of Love.

Love, that magnificent and dangerous sovereign; Queen, Mother, King, Father, Instigator of good and evil. Obliterates countless hearts and annihilates even more souls. Yet She brings life.

Love can save you, heal you. Love will kill you. Love brings tears of joy and showers of agony. Love does not love anyone yet embraces us all.

Feeling under the weather so naturally mind drifts to melancholy thoughts…Written in 2009 after…More on that in another post. Maybe…

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