Would You Have Me Any Other Way?

Today’s prompt: brought to you by my flaws, enjoy the carnage LOL.

What is your worst quality?

My responses to these prompts get later and later. This is a perfect segue to my first flaw. I’m a procrastinator. Yes, I saw this post from early this morning. And I did everything but write until now. I have good reason. My brain lights up when most are powering down. So I get a pass right?

I have an answer excuse answer for everything. And I’m terribly indecisive in spite of my uncanny intuition. 

I know it’s supposed to be “worst quality” as in singular not plural. That leads to the fact that I’m greedy. I don’t want a little bit. I want it all. All the time. When I want it…

So, I guess that makes me kinda demanding and persistent. Which would be annoying if it only worked in my favor. Since my intensity often benefits others, is it really so bad? 

While we’re on the subject of intensity, I know my brand (come on you know you wanna say it like that commercial for contacts) isn’t always received with the exuberance in which it’s felt. My love, passion, appreciation for anything ignites quickly. It can burn for a hundred years or get snuffed out before I can Tweet about it. 

My thoughts/moods fluctuate. That’s sort of unpredictable eh? You know I’m always thinking. You just don’t know what I’m thinking. It keeps you alert. Can’t have you falling asleep and getting comfortable. 

I better wrap this up, especially since I mentioned more than one flaw, and I’m tired, but you know…

Oh yeah, I don’t always make the most graceful exits.

2 thoughts on “Would You Have Me Any Other Way?

  1. Hey Glorious, I’d say you qualify as a perfectionist, in the best possible way. EVERYONE has their pluses and minuses, being a perfectionist, you are your own worst critic and may be judging yourself too harshly. If you can balance out a little, you’d be unstoppable! Here’s to unlimited potential in the New Year! Cheers!!

    1. Thank you 1Earth. Gaw, my perfectionism is that obvious huh? LOL you make a very good point. I’ve heard it enough. Guess maybe I should finally heed the advice? Believe it or not, I’m working towards balance 🙂 Unlimited Potential here I come…Cheers and Happy New Year to you! Enjoy New Years in NYC for me. I miss home so much.

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