Youth Juice? Pass

You probably don’t need to read my response for today’s prompt. If you want my reason, please continue.

If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

I’m always thinking how life would be if I didn’t do this, if I had that to do over. Everything looks so much more promising in hindsight. Thing is, I know it’s not. Remakes are tricky. Look at a cinematic example from the last couple of years,  Final Destination…Some things are best left alone.

When you go back, you tend to make a mess. Oh, you have good intentions. We all know where those lead to right? You end up with a crater in a plaster wall where you tried to fix a nail hole because it was bothering you. I think that part was meant for another post. I might be getting ahead of myself. Hard to tell what direction I’m headed in nowadays. Another reason I don’t need to go back in time.

Whatever is going to be, is going to be. I’ll just end up F.U.B.A.R. because I did it all over again, had a bad experience, and nothing changed.

So not worth it.

I wouldn’t trade this ride and my lessons for anything. 

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