Is This My Life?

Having a succession of odd dreams lately, this Daily Prompt was a good way to deal with some of them…

You’re having a nightmare, and have to choose between three doors. Pick one, and tell us about what you find on the other side.

just a dreamHe watches from the sidelines. This time, it’s a bar. I don’t know who’s next to me, flirting up a storm. But he is gorgeous. His smile activates the girl in me that thinks she needs to have him. I look over at my him. He’s standing by a bar ledge on a wall opposite me. He barely looks in my direction. He hangs his head down looking beautiful and sad. I hate inflicting pain on anyone which makes this a nightmare for me.

My mind needs an escape from desire on my left and heartbreak to the right of me. Soon I find myself in a small foyer. Three doors almost surrounding me. I choose to walk through the door in front. It leads to a dazzling ball room. I see Women dressed in jewel toned evening wear. I walk towards them because I feel like I should, like I know them. I can’t make out what they are saying. I look to my left. He is standing in an arched doorway. Again he gives a sideways glance. He’s wearing a crisp white tux, hair fashionably disheveled. He’s more beautiful this time and his face shows signs of increasing distress. 

I pull my attention back to the women when he turns his head, his back facing me now. I should be getting dressed. Whomever I’m supposed to be at this shindig with will be upset if I’m not ready. And apparently he doesn’t like him being anywhere near me. I have no clue who my mystery man is. I don’t until he comes storming towards me, seemingly from nowhere. His black tux expertly tailored for his intimidating physique. His jaw clenched, attempting to control his displeasure with my lack of proper attire and my him lurking about.

My date grabs my arm and walks me out of earshot of the women. It looks like we are in a backstage area. There are heavy luxurious drapes everywhere. I notice how dashing he is even though he’s angry. A closer look, his tie is undone. His mouth is moving but I don’t hear much. He’s giving me an earful. But my thoughts are on him. Did he leave? All I can make out is, “You know I don’t like…” 

My eyes open


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