Merry Christmas From Ralphie and Me!

Ralphie as in the star of one of my favorite movies of all time, A Christmas Story and well you already know me.  We’re hanging out tonight as I do some prep work for tomorrow’s feast. I’ll probably fall asleep to the movie. 

Still of Ralphie from A Christmas Story

I really want to read all the posts coming through. I also wanted to write some of my own. But aside from my thank you post from earlier, this is as far as I might get for a few days. 

You know because it’s Christmas and stuff.

And before I go to bed, I have a present to make . 

And I’m doing all the cooking so, yeah, I might not make it back here in full capacity for a minute. But I’ll be around.

So anyway…


•*¨*•.MERRY     CHRISTMAS       Y’ALL •*¨*•.


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