In My Mind, It’s Still You And Me

Before we begin, let the record state that I didn’t authorize a funeral. But my loved ones are oft absent-minded and stubborn. Since they have flummoxed  my plans—my ashes should be scattered in Manhattan, London, Egypt, and Paris—I hope my words make it to you intact. Although knowing some people, they will change this as well.

Here goes…

Friends, family, welcome all. We gather today to pay tribute to the one who bore the name but didn’t always see or live the glory that she was capable of. We loved our Dear G but we didn’t always tell her. Most of the time, we thought she just knew. But when our I love you’s came, they sometimes got lost in the mix of life and expectations.

She loved us more than we could handle, more than we thought we deserved. And this made her indescribably special. Too often we held this to the vest. For no reason or reasons that hurt too much to concede to.

She dreamed for us and we just wished she’d get it together. Our wishes came true and she cheered us on while her dreams withered in the corner. Her love for us never faded.

She illuminated our lives even as she gave up hers for our fleeting desires. When her chances sailed away, we shook our heads at her hesitance. Saw only the discarded opportunity not the mindful sacrifice. 

Her passion for everything and nothing in particular tickled us when we traveled that yellow brick road with her. It annoyed us when we yearned for her to focus on concrete efforts for the life we thought she should have.

The life she was born to have.

We envied the light of her life. And our world will be a little dimmer without her loving us despite ourselves.

She will forever be that youth whose hand we let go of. The one who we reach for now more than ever. Her simple wisdom made the baddest evils less so.

Because a piece of our hearts will forever be with her. And she will always be with us. We’ll hear that song and only hear her voice over the lyrics.

G, thank you for your love. If we could love your pieces back to wholeness, you’d never doubt what you meant to us.

This post was written in response to the Daily Prompt: Dearly Departed


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