A Peaceful Goodbye

As I already mentioned to Kozo, I’m slow to this peaceful movement. I wrote this poem many years ago. Depending on your perspective, you may understand why it brings me peace. I’m not sneaking in. I know I missed the January post deadline. My intention was more about posting when the right moment presented itself. I’ll try to do better for February.

Good Night Dream

Last night once again I said goodbye to a dream.
Deleted the lines of wishful thinking.
Decided it wasn’t worth it to desire something that may not be meant for me.
Didn’t hurt to let go this time.
Maybe ’cause I know the best thing to do when you want to find something is to stop looking.
Then one day, there it is.
You’re minding your business and get knocked upside your head by your heart’s desire.
And yes it looks a little funny up close and in person, but without question you know it’s real.
As real as every good first kiss that makes you dizzy.
You know the kind that gives you chills.
And you know that it was worth waiting for even though when you were waiting you were sure nothing could be worth so much pain and drama and long hours listening to songs that were made for times when time is all you have.
Can’t foresee that moment for myself.
In the meantime I’ll let this dream rest on the shelf.
So yes, I said goodnight shadows, goodnight stars —if I had a dollar for every wish of mine you have I’d be wealthy thus far.
Goodnight to this day, tomorrow there will be so much to do.
Goodnight my never-ending dream, goodnight to you.

I’m Blogging 4 Peace [or at least trying to]. Won’t you come join us?


11 thoughts on “A Peaceful Goodbye

  1. Love this, GM. A wonderful mixture of faith, resolve, yearning, and, yes, peace. The ending gave me the same contentment as reading “Good Night Moon.” Strive on, my BBF.
    There are no deadlines for the postings. Time is relative right? {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    1. Aww thank you Kozo. I think I may have just finished watching something where Good Night Moon was read and felt inspired. I’m striving it’s getting hard but I’m still pulling through 😉
      Thank you for your thoughtful lurv BFF!
      Leave it to me and time would be a suggestion 😀

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