Speechless: Speaking My Mind Is Overated

Well, let me put it this way, when my audience has heard my jibber-jabber for like ever, then yes my theories may resemble a poke your eye out screed. But that’s just MHO. For over an hour I’ve listened to music so I don’t throw or break something I will only have to clean up or fix. I’m getting ahead of myself. Please forgive. I’m trying not to vent.


I’ve noticed a trend in my life and in society in general. We want our shining moment on the soap box. We want our audience gleefully captivated by our great ideas. But how often do we want to listen? I mean really listen?

I see this mostly when interacting with people I’ve known for years. You my dear friends have only been subjected to my thoughts for a few months or weeks. Depending on how long you’ve known someone, what sounds like pencil stabbing ear talk to one person could be messages from the divine to another.

Point blank, sometimes people just get tired of hearing you speak. They seem to have a lot of energy for their own voices though.

And I’m not immune to this. Believe me, countless instances I’ve talked myself into a coma. This yada yada shut it and listen to me business goes both ways.

Friends, lend me your ears but not your mouths. Hear me and when you speak, speak my language…Why are you so quiet? Don’t you have anything to say? ~ The Great Ear

The need to get issues off your chest is normal. Some people I know try not to complain but then get around me [The Great Ear] and the floodgates go whoosh. I listen intently because that’s just what I do. And yeah, I have my days when it’s a struggle but I push myself to engage. I know what it’s like to have someone brush you off. I know too well how that bites.

So I listen, and hear, and listen, and…wait I have a thought…they’re still talking OK…listen…oh there’s an opening…I add to the conversation. Why did I do that? I get eyes cutting me. If we’re on the phone I get awkward silence. When they do speak I might hear, “OK, I get it” or “The more I say the more you talk”. Those were direct quotes from two recent conversations. I know I have self editing issues. But dang!

I’m kinda challenged in this place. The listen to everything I have to say and respond the way I want you to but don’t tell me anything zone; I don’t think I like it. Not one bit. I’m feeling a verbal time-out is in order.

Because I’m aggravated, I feel like not saying anything to anyone anymore. I know it’s not the way I should respond. I know that feeling won’t last. Even though I am a quiet person, when I talk, I really like to talk. So I’ll be opening my little big mouth soon [like probably right after this]. I may have to choke back lovingly refrain from giving opinions for a while.

I need to spiffy up my own messes anyway.

Other fitting titles: Repetition Breeds Contention, It Sounded Better Coming From Them

Note to readers: I was in a craptacular frame of mind. Please forgive my ravings.

Another note: Before this posted, the clouds parted and a little bird came to visit my patio window. No really it did. Couldn’t get to a camera. So I enjoyed the calm it blessed me with. I decided to send this into the world because I don’t always feel glorious but I know there’s a lesson in here. Plus, someone who inspired this post suggested I share it with you.


8 thoughts on “Speechless: Speaking My Mind Is Overated

  1. People are really selfish, GM, especially when they find someone who is willing to give whole-heartedly. Don’t forget that you have BBFs that are willing to really listen. Just send us a post. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    1. Thank you Kozo. I dunno I felt like this post was perhaps too much. Like I said in the footer; this was a not so good day. I didn’t want to hide the fact. I appreciate the encouragement though. It’s intimidate revealing the layers ya know 😉

  2. Isn’t this your subconscious screaming to you to take better care of yourself? I’ve ended two friendships last year that made me feel like nothing more than a mental dustbin. One of them actually demanded I listen for one hour straight before I could talk the other one just kept pouring (each day) all her hearts trouble over me up till a point where I just kept silent. At times I miss them but I just can’t go back.

    It’s nice when a conversation is genuine and it’s beautiful when both people listen. To me the best friendships are when you can be silent together.

    Anyhoodle, hope venting has helped a tad. Take good care of yourself! big hug!

    1. Yeah my subconscious probably is giving me the third degree. I find that if I keep letting things slide, there’s a mountain of issues waiting for me down the road. And with the current atmosphere, I’m trying to be careful how I handle things. I’ve been on both sides…
      I love when I can be quiet with someone. I’ve always thought that it was a good sign if I can stand someone’s silence and vice versa.
      And the venting and subsequent conversation really made a difference. Thank you for the hug! {{{♥}}}

  3. You don’t need to feel bad for getting this off your chest Gloria. You sound like a very good listener and it takes a lot of skill to do that. Trouble is like others have said, sometimes people just want you to listen, listen,listen and there’s times when you need to talk and be heard too. Your craptacular frame of mind isn’t contagious but your kind and generous nature is 🙂

    1. Ahh Tracy, thank you for the cool breeze of your humor and kindness. I’m glad my craptacularness is not contagious, even if it feels that way sometimes 🙂
      Generous nature? You mean I have good cooties? 😀 {{{♥}}}

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