Bring On The Love!

This is a first of hopefully a mélange of offerings in the spirit of [pause, then sigh] Valentine’s Day. Being perpetually single, this is not a thrilling time of year for me. However, I decided to not let it cast the shadow over my life that I have previously allowed. So…
Wayne over at The Bottom of A Bottle decided to lavish his nominees with all the awards bestowed upon him. There are four! And I am slow, this post comes in at almost two weeks after the nod. Also, I don’t have specific instructions. I could attempt to track down all acceptance requirements. However there’s a popular deviation of the rules going on…Y’all know how I like that. Therefore…


Wayne, you bless my reader with the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. And you give a vivid picture of faith and recovery. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Now people go give him some love! He’s a cool dude.
To Everyone, if you read my posts but don’t follow me, thank you. If you follow but don’t read [eyebrow raised], thank you. If a blog angel sent you, thank you. If you don’t know how you got here and you want to go, [waving with a smile] thank you.
RULES SCHMOOLES! [sorry to any sticklers for the process]
Here we go…
MY BLOG NAME: References my name and my inability to give up.
I NEVER THOUGHT: I would get this kind of reaction so relatively soon. I love it. I’m honored that people enjoy my tomfoolery writing.
YOU SHOULD KNOW: I struggle to keep that fire going. I want to be better today than I was yesterday. If I’m not, there’s always tomorrow. I’m no different from many of you weird wonderful people.
MAKES MY HEART HAPPY: YOU! Didn’t I just sat that? I’ve met some characters extraordinary minds. I’ve started some [hopefully] lasting friendships. We might be teetering but I think we can make it work. Our opinions may clash from time to time. That’s alright. Because you guys are the greatest, warmest, coolest group of people! And you share the love 😉
I NOW PRESENT: All of you with the awards. My followers and passive readers deserve at least one if not all of these goodies. I can’t keep up with who doesn’t want any and who can’t get enough…So if you want them, mangia!

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