The Perks of Writer’s Block

Let the pen do the talking while listening to music
Let the pen do the talking while listening to music
It’s a story as old as time. You get into a rhythm. Thoughts flow like Rapunzel’s locks. Then…[cue the birds] NOTHING. I mean NOT A DAMN WORD. You get a notion to write, pen goes to paper or hands pose to type, then, NADA!!!!
Hate writer’s block. Let me rephrase that. I find myself highly challenged by the desire to write and the inability to form meaningful sentences. Feels like my brain will explode. But sometimes magic happens. That’s what I’m calling it and I’m sticking to it.
It’s been a tad quite on this here blog. And now you know why. However you faithful and beautiful souls that continue to read or browse seem patient enough. I don’t want to mash that button [as they say in these parts]. That’s why you get some other nuggets of creativity. Like I said in a previous post, “when words go on vacation”… 
I made use of art supplies
I made use of art supplies
Realized I need to buy more canvas paper because I'm out of practice
Realized I need to buy more canvas paper because I’m out of practice
Made pretty things for friends...shhh
Made pretty things for friends…shhh
Remembered places I want to visit and how I want to live my life
Remembered places I want to visit and how I want to live my life

How do you handle writer’s block?

14 thoughts on “The Perks of Writer’s Block

  1. Have you tried freewriting, GM? Just put pen to paper and write for 30 minutes. Don’t stop, just keep the hand moving. Write whatever comes into your head even if it is “what the hell am I doing?” Good way to clear the pipes.
    Love the artwork. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    1. I have tried that quite recently actually.
      It took me to some places and felt like someone else was writing so I stopped. I think it cleared another personality or something. Hmmm, not weird at all 😉
      On a brighter note, I’m happy you liked the artwork my hugging friend!

  2. I love the phrase, “when words go on vacation”… That happens to me a lot!!! So frustrating. And then if I think of it, I can’t spell it, or am not quite sure if I am using it correctly, so I slip back into a more comfortable, boring word!! 🙂 Marsha xoxox

  3. Haha great you brought it to attention 😉
    I’m overcoming mine now! 😀 But i don’t panic at such times, i know the block is normal and it will go, as immediately as it came.
    You know what i do, if i can’t seem to write anything meaningful, i read a book or an articles instead. And after the first few sentences of reading, i find an urge to get to my laptop and start pouring out the flow of my ideas that seems to have gotten through a block! 🙂
    I think reading helps me 🙂

    1. There you go again, speaking my mind. I started rereading some favorite childhood classics. And you know what? All these wonderful ideas started to flow.
      Thank you for the ideas as I’ll need some to go to when I’m next hit with the block 🙂

  4. How do I handle writer’s block? I just write. Sometimes, it’s nonsensical words or automatic writing but it’s something to jumpstart the writing brain/muscles. Even if the first 500 words are inane crap, it starts to make cracks in the wall. Soon, the cracks become crevices and they become maws and very soon, you’ve written about 500 more words of brilliant stuff.

    Then you do it again.

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