A Different Kind of Community Garden

A Seed of Peace © GHOOD via gloriousmettle.wordpress.com

Wonderful things come from small starts. No longer a little bud, Bloggers For Peace invites us to dig a little deeper.  Our international community works towards the great flow that comes from connecting with others and slowing down to enjoy this juicy life we’ve been given.

A thought developed into a plan. That plan gave way to a movement. A movement that can change the world. One mind and one heart at a time.

This February Bloggers For Peace challenged us to come up with Mad-Menesque posts. Our mission, show what peace means using the outlet of our choosing.

Mom used to call me a commercial kid. If it was catchy, I sang it until Dad gave me The Face. I also loved to create my own advertisements. So this post was particularly fun for me.

Check out what peace looks like to other bloggers.

And if you haven’t, it’s time you start blogging for peace. Begin your journey here

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