When My Train Pulls In

I spoke of Gary Clark Jr. a little while back. I’m making good on my word by sharing more of him with you. Mr. Clark Jr. sounds like lessons I’ve learned and some I continue to struggle with. His music makes my soul nod and say “I told ya so”. He rocks hard and rolls with a strut.

Don’t Owe You A Thing, that’s what the man says and he means it. How many times have I said that and heard it? It’s an I’m doing me anthem.

Things Are Changing is still my favorite track. Why are dysfunctional relationships the hardest to free yourself from? This song will have you thinking about that. Might as well put it on repeat. It’s OK to get lost for a while.

Numb and yet capable of putting forth serious go to hell emotion. Raw frustration bleeds all over this track.

I do have to hit the rails in the coming months. I’ll be one state away from my hometown. I booked a return ticket so I’ll be back. Maybe. Regardless, I don’t go anywhere without the right music to get me through my trip. You know who will be on my playlist when my train pulls in.
Featured Image Photo: © GHOOD = Me

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