Awkward Mobility: Blogging On The Go

Handling my mobility issues. Yes I took it literally
Handling my mobility issues. Yes I took it literally.
Hey all! This is not a posthumously written post. I am still alive and kicking. I’m still away visiting loved ones. There’s been a lot going on during my trip which has contributed to my absence. Due to my lack of a more agreeable phone, I’ve been unable to interact with my blog and all of you as I would have liked. Thank goodness for my god-daughter and the laptop she let me borrow.
My phone is in much need of an upgrade and giving me a bit of a headache. The whole point of the phone is to make correspondence easier. Although I am experiencing faster connectivity speeds, there are some apps and sites my mobile just won’t play nice with.
So I’ve been trying to find ways around the frustration of an older device working on rapidly changing technology. I’m not complaining though. I am writing this post to you after all. In the past, I’ve used Evernote for song lyrics and melodies and to save paper. Otherwise I’d have a slew of sticky notes all over the place. Now I’m using it more for well, I guess for what it’s supposed to be used for. I know, I’m special. Google Drive has also been quite helpful. I just wish I had synced more info before I left. 
Word to the wise, in the midst of packing your luggage; don’t forget to pack for your mobile life as well. That means saving documents and photos to a hard disk and/or putting them in the cloud. If your device is like mine and not necessarily up for recent technology challenges, figure out in advance how your can work around it. Lucky for me I had an unexpected and much welcome back up.  
As my phone takes a vacay of it’s own; know that I love you, I miss you, and [whether I make my way back to my hometown for good or return to the South] I hope to be back to you in full capacity at some point.
I’m really hoping for the former! I’ll keep you updated as things progress.
I’m checking whose been checking me and working my way through comments. Hello new subbies and other friends 🙂 Don’t think I’m ignoring you. I see ya!

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