While I’ve Been Away

The weather has been chaotic. A three-week vacation has an indefinite extension. My cousin went into early labor; good thing I mailed her the baby clothes when I did…and I’ve been blessed with the Liebster Award!

Cool things happen when you stop looking
Cool things happen when you stop looking

There are rules and questions. If you’ve read my other acceptance posts (hanging out on the Loving Kindness page), you know that I don’t necessarily abide by the rules: 

1. Share eleven facts about yourself with your fellow bloggers.
2. Make sure to answer the eleven questions posed.
3. Ask eleven questions of your own.
4. Nominate eleven bloggers for this award.
5. Notify the people you have tagged.

Thank you Nandini on Penniless Prods. Presents for laying out one of the most complete set of guidelines I’ve come across. Please do check her out. She’s an awesome writer and y’all really need to get with it and hang out at her place. She’s serves up a mean dish of comfort reading even when the subject isn’t warm and fuzzy.

Without further ado, I’ll share eleven facts…

  1. I hate clowns. I know it’s silly; so be it.
  2. I love chocolate.
  3. I’m a native New Yorker and proud of it.
  4. I can’t swim.
  5. Cute guys with glasses are my kryptonite.
  6. I turned down an acceptance to Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School (the Performing Arts branch from the movie Fame). I know like who does that?
  7. There’s a constant stream of music playing in my mind like a soundtrack. 
  8. I dreamed of being on Broadway.
  9. I took classes at F.I.T. during summers in high school. My friends thought I was a lil weird. I loved it.
  10. I can happily watch HGTV all day. Well any weekday that is.
  11. Many many years ago, while I was running my mouth talking to my bestie, I bumped into a celebrity I had a major crush on. My face crashed directly into his chest. Aside from saying excuse me, I couldn’t speak for a while. Until it happened to me, I never understood people who said they wouldn’t want to wash their face after an incident like that…Reluctantly, that night I did.

Answers to the eleven questions posed:

1. What is your favourite element? Oddly enough water is my favorite element despite the drowning thing (see #4 above).
2. Which is your most favourite swear word? WHY? I’m a lady, I don’t curse. Ha ha really though,  f**k with s**t as a close second. Might be the fact they were my first swear words. Old faithfuls I guess.
3. If you could punch a famous person, who would it be? Hmm, working on this being peaceful thing so I’ll pass on that. I would have had an answer for you a few years ago. 
4. If your food fell to the floor, how long before you consider it inappropriate to pick it back up and eat it? Not sure as this occurred recently and I was torn with “to eat or not to eat”. I wasn’t aware the food had been on the floor till some time after it fell. OK, short answer, a few seconds and only if I trust the location it fell to 🙂  
5. Is “mint” a legit ice-cream flavour? Do you like it?  If you can taste it, it must be real 😛 I used to like it when I was a kid.
6. How are you feeling today? I’m feeling perfectly out of sorts and I’m OK with that.
7. Do you think we will blow ourselves up? Or do you still have faith in mankind? I have faith that mankind will blow itself up. Yeah I didn’t stretch my creative muscles for this one.
8. Do you feel bad for “pluto” (the planet) ? I did for a quick moment.
9. Favourite director /author/ screenwriter? Director: Sam Mendes/author: Stephen King/screenwriter(s): its a tie with Cameron
Crowe and John Hughes. Honestly this answer could go on forever as there are just a crap load of fantastic creative people whose work I admire.

10. What’s love got to do with it? I hear it has a lot to do with it.
11. Let’s say you got famous for something, like writing a book, or curing a disease or punching that celebrity in q.3. Which talk show host would you like to interview you about it? If I had to do an interview, Craig Ferguson would be cool. Wait you mean I’m not famous yet?

Since I’m not nominating or tagging anyone, I’ll hold off on asking the eleven questions. Unless y’all just want to answer some questions for the heck of it. That might make a cool post though. Hope you had a jolly chuckle at this glimpse into the folly that makes me so special.



Oh yeah, as of this writing my cousin had a baby boy! Welcome WDB!

Featured image: © GHOOD

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