K.I.S.S. @ Home

I started posting to Bloggers 4 Peace since day one. Recently I’ve missed a few entries so I’m backtracking a bit. I’m not trying to get a t-shirt [although it would be cool to rock one]. There have been a few changes in my life and they’ve given me plenty material for the Monthly Peace Challenges.
Without further ado, I give you June’s Peace At Home submission…
Grandma’s mark is everywhere, thank goodness
I noticed this clipping while visiting my Grandmother’s house this past Easter. It’s been two years since she passed. As you can see, she leads from the other side. I’ll tell ya why it’s more fitting today than it was back in April…
Not sure I made it clear, but I’m staying with extended family. The support and comfort offered to me is frightfully wondrous. However, it’s been a while since we’ve been together this long and I’m learning the flow of things again. Also, my brain has been on a bit of a hiatus for far too long. If you read July’s Peace Challenge you’ll pick up that I’m working on gratitude and humility.
This afternoon I had to gulp down a huge portion of I Stepped In It Pie. An honest mistake caused a bit of a raucous during and after a gathering. As conversations followed, I saw how I participated in the confusion. My stomach in knots, I had to admit my part. I prepared myself for a searing discussion.
I talked with one of the main parties involved and it went better than I expected. Like instead of M80’s, understanding and tenderness flooded the conversation. WHEW!
Now I’m not saying discussions about the incident are over. But that dull ache and panic stemming from the anticipation of confronting my mistakes has subdued.
What I Learned;
  • When uncertain, ask specific questions.
  • Group dining is an exercise in the art of effective communication.
  • Unresolved issues are highly disruptive to sleep [and peace].
  • Try not to succumb to the fear of a reprimand.
  • Everyone won’t like your truth, but don’t count on them loving your lie. 
  • Graciously accept forgiveness.
  • Soak up the lessons. Don’t mentally repeat your mistakes.
  • Before you start your day, align your heart, mind, and soul/spirit; peace within cultivates peace without. 
The S+S [short and sweet] of it all; life brings me spectacular messes. It’s up to me to shine through the muck of everyday life with a lesson and a smile.
[The specifics of the “incident” have been changed to protect those that may actually read my blog one day 😀 because they just might]


9 out of 10 doctors recommend you get your Peace on. OK it’s probably like 10 out of 10. So come get some. 

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