Peace, Love, and Beauty For All

Oooo goody, a short post challenge! Lol this is just what my life weary mind needed to kick-start a new season. Don’t worry, I’ll have a juicy chunk of The Life of G for you soon enough.
I’ve taken many peace expeditions and this quote seems to always find me. The more I read it and absorb its truth, the more it sticks. It’s a reality I cannot run from because I wake up in it. I move in it all day everyday. I am the beauty that I seek. The more I look outside of myself for it, the further away from it I get. I hope the following quote brings you as much comfort as it has for me. Many thanks to Rarasaur via Kozo for the Quozio link!


»»»»9 out of 10 doctors recommend you get your Peace on. OK it’s probably like 10 out of 10. So come get some. 

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