Could It Be That Is Was All So Simple?

In my day-I have to smile at how often I’ve said this-Christmas meant advent calendars (I went to Catholic school), fragile glass bulbs on the tree, the cat knocking down the tree and breaking said balls, and running my John Denver and the Muppets album  A Christmas Together till my father had enough. My ability to repeatedly listen to a song past a normal person’s threshold was probably the catalyst for my parents getting me a record player I could use in my bedroom. And of course, Santa was the Man!


In the last ten years, I’ve watched the calendar for how many weeks before Christmas it is before the first wave of holiday commercials and store decorations. I recently commented on Stephajane’s post about all this Christmas hoopla. I get people being excited. But Halloween is barely cold before Santa’s telling me I need to buy gifts I can’t afford to give myself. And how many times do I have to listen to some washed out version of a beloved Christmas song before I turn into Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster in this piece?

Other grown people issues: I don’t remember ever being so cold that I shivered myself to sleep. We didn’t have central heat. So it was always toasty. And by toasty I mean so hot you couldn’t adjust the radiator while it was pumping heat lest you wanted to rock third degree burns.

Now I spend a good amount of time gauging how cold I really think I am. Best believe when the next utility bill arrives I’ll be asking myself that question if the amount owed is astronomical. These days a $20 difference can make me smile or have me turning off lights and wearing extra layers. I look forward to when that is no longer the case. All this is to say I’m learning to appreciate everything. Today’s nuisance will be tomorrow’s nostalgic recollection. Sometimes I want what I want yesterday. However, I can’t deny the insights derived when I allow life to fall into place.

I’m slowly coming to terms with many aspects of my upbringing. I’m grateful for the memories of things I had growing up. I had a room to myself once my brother moved out. I’m even thankful for some of the things I didn’t have, like an authentic light-up E.T. toy or a Micky Mouse doll that spoke to you when you pulled his string. My mother couldn’t afford that one so I had to make do with a regular (although authentic, I think) Mickey for Christmas. I was so spoiled. I didn’t treat him very well but I do remember him.


Looking back I realize the blessings of a home cooked meal, clean clothes, some toys and a good imagination. I had some good times in spite of having to get up to change the TV channel. I even survived getting hit in the head during doge ball. That really happened; I was that kid.

As the year winds down and holiday madness revs up, I force myself to take a step back, I’m not in my ideal place, but I’m safe and mostly comfortable. I will laugh just as hard watching A Christmas Story on my old 19 inch as I would on a larger screen. I probably won’t unwrap a box from Jared® but that’s cool. I like Tacori anyway 🙂

And I’m gonna try really really hard not to sing one Christmas song until at least Thanksgiving 😉

I bopped my head but I didn’t sing it, honest.

Thanks to Stephajane for the spark for this post.


Nothing like an old school video to spark fond memories. Thanks Not a Punk Rocker for the soundtrack to your morning routine.

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32 thoughts on “Could It Be That Is Was All So Simple?

  1. Although nostalgia can be a funny feeling sometimes, it can be nice to look back on memories 🙂 I do see what you mean about Christmas coming way in advance, in the shops and in commercials though! It feels like it gets a little bit earlier each year!

    1. Hi, it’s me again. Just wanted to come back to say that you inspired me to write a Christmas-themed post! 🙂 I linked back to your blog on my latest post. Happy blogging!

  2. I loved this line: “Today’s nuisance will be tomorrow’s nostalgic recollection.” It’s so so true. And– I’ve already failed at the Christmas music singing… I like to randomly bring them out throughout the year for their shock value. Can’t resist.

  3. Thanks for the shout out.. and this great article. I happen to be a huge John Denver Fan.I have to wait a few weeks to listen though because I promised myself (and it will get stuck in my head!). Happy Post Halloween!

    1. I’m happy my post was a good followup. You are more than welcome for the shout out. When I played that video I fought pretty hard not to sing it. Decided it was best not to watch any others; didn’t trust I could withhold singing along 🙂 Happy Post Halloween Steph!

    1. Made you smile? Then my job is done 🙂 I’m getting more comfortable writing about my regular life. I’ve been inspired by all you wonderful bloggers I’ve come across.
      Little things can make all the difference if we give them a try. Wish more people realized that. And A Christmas Story rocks every year, all the time.

      1. Maybe someday we can help everyone realize that. Since we our on a stage…of sorts.

        P.S. I saw that lamp for sale online. The leg one from the movie. It was pretty awesome. I giggled with nerdish childhood joy.

  4. This is beautiful. I’m already singing Christmas carols, much to the annoyance of everyone around me, ha! 🙂 But… tis the season, you know? I can feel it in the air!

  5. My thoughts exactly re people lurching from one celebration to the next, wishing it were here (my dad would say, “Don’t wish your life away”) and forgetting to live to the full in between events. In Australia, I saw the first Christmas stuff in shops IN SEPTEMBER. Just too much. In my family, because my mother’s birthday is December 7, we were never allowed to talk about Christmas or set up a tree until December 8. Then everything had to be removed again for my birthday, January 9, which actually is the requisite two weeks after Christmas. I still stick to this.
    I find the consumer emphasis on Christmas to be outrageous and morally wrong. I always say about Christmas, when I hear young people asking for or demanding expensive presents, “Just remember, it’s not YOUR birthday”.
    I too am a sucker for those wonderful old American Christmas films, in which the ideal of family togetherness was what drove everyone.

    1. Speaking of “not YOUR birthday”, tell me why kids are getting Halloween presents now? Like I thought the candy WAS the gift.
      This past weekend I was in a store and eased myself over to the Christmas section, just to have a look. I don’t know why I did it to myself. Withing moments I was overwhelmed by all the tinsel and glittered decorations. I said out loud ‘I’m not ready for this kind of shopping’. A woman who overheard me looked at me, chuckled, and shook her head. It’s almost here Caron, so you better watch out! 🙂
      Oh…we’re birthday sisters!

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