I’m Talking To You

                                                 WHERE'S MY CATNIP!!!!

I’ve had many days where I’ve taken all I can take and still someone wanted more. Hearing Shout for the first time, the emotion behind the lyrics resonated. I couldn’t explain it to my Dad who loved to tell me I didn’t know what I was talking about. Why do parents do that? I knew that I didn’t like being underestimated.

Another thing that frustrated me, needing toilet paper only to find that my cat shredded the last roll! Freaking kitty mood swings.

OK maybe that last part wasn’t so serious. It doesn’t have to be.

This post is all in the spirit of NaBloWhoaWhoa. Yeah I know that’s not how it goes. I mucked it up in my head for days so might as well chop it up here too. Ain’t I a stinka? 🙂 No disrespect to the movement. Just having a little fun.

Here’s the full song the quote came from. Enjoy it kitties!


Rara inspired this post. She often crosses my mind when I see the word ‘rawr’. That dino’s got some special sauce going on I tell ya.

Go on now,  get to writing. Don’t forget to read and comment on posts from more writers @



2 thoughts on “I’m Talking To You

    1. Actually, with the exception of B4P, NaBloPoMo is the only other challenge I’ve participated in all year.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying all this Glory lol. But I don’t think I can handle doing this too often. But I know you were just trying to be funny, ha ha ha 😛

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