There’s a British Invasion Going On In My Head

Since last week when I clicked on a video from a young artist on YouTube I got swept up in music from some fresh British voices. They’ve made happy with the tunes for years but they’re new to me. I’m content with my musical discoveries even if algorithms and all that had a lot to do with the river of videos lined up for me to view. Such is the way of the world.

As I told  DaydreamsInWonderland, music gets me out of a creative rut. And this group of lovelies was overwhelmingly conducive to a flood of ideas.

The Line Up: these links are to songs I couldn’t get enough of although I enjoyed most of their work

George Barnett

Saint Raymond/Callum Burrows

Lewis Watson

Gabrielle Aplin

Nina Nesbitt

Jack Savoretti

James Bay

I hope you find something you like in this mix.

Currently on mental repeat:

What music inspires you? Or are you a silence is golden type of person?


You’ve had a good sound break. Time for some action.

Got a feeling Melissa at The M Vlog may distract you for a while.

When you’re done read and comment on posts from more writers @



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