If I Take My Heart’s Advice

This is a musical month for me. I just wrote a post about new music I discovered from across the pond. Now due to the prompting of an infamous dino whose name I shall not say, mostly because I think I’ve done so a little too much already, I’m answering a Weekly Challenge. I posted one specifically for the Daily Post. This one is for NaBloPoMo, cause I love y’all so much.

“Maybe when things turn green again, it will be good to say you know me.”

Quite a few posts back, I used a line from one of my absolute favorite John Mayer songs “In Repair”. Continuum, the album it’s on is one of my go to recordings for reflection.

I know I have a way to go in this life. Some days I feel like I can do this, I can make it. Maybe I’ll be happy with the as-is and not constantly reach for the what-if. Other days I wonder if I want too much. But I think many of us have some doubt about our lives from time to time. The key is not to get stuck in that place. If we’re lucky, we’ll get another day to work on getting it right.


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