Worth The Risk


I’ve spent my life walking the fine line between caring what others think about me and not giving a damn. It’s a hard habit to break. Reflecting on interactions I’ve had with people I see how some of them never really got to know the real me, only a version of me I thought they could handle. It’s just too much work. And I’ve learned being mean and unsympathetic is not synonymous with honesty. I’m not sure why people fall back on “I’m just being honest” when they’re really being rude or insensitive. I’ve been on the other side of off-hand comments and have no desire to intentionally give that back to anyone.

It seems that women especially struggle with allowing their true personalities to shine through. I know that I grew up with messages of conformity. I spent my childhood and teens battling people’s opinion of the type of guys I liked, the clothes, I wore, the music I listened to, and the way I spoke. Actually sometimes I still get some flack about all that. Now it just makes me laugh because I’m comfortable with my interests and preferences. It’s what makes me so darn lovable 🙂

At the risk of the opinions of that all-powerful conglomerate called THEM, I say forget them and get back in touch with you. You might be a little hesitant to break your patterns. Everyone won’t necessarily understand, but that’s OK they’ll live. For the ones who stick around, they’ll get to know you all over again in all your bright shiny glory (bit of a pun intended there).


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18 thoughts on “Worth The Risk

  1. Really great post! It is so true, when you are comfortable with your interests and preferences – and really, with who you are – then it doesn’t matter if people give you flack about something. I have seen so many people hurt by rude or insensitive comments, but really this is a reflection on the person saying these negative things, rather than the one on the receiving end, although they are the ones who can get hurt. Your post is a great message about being true to yourself!

    1. Thank you. And your point about negative comments being a reflection of the speaker and not the receiver is spot on. It’s hard to remember that when you’re in the moment but worth trying to be mindful of.

  2. I am comfortable with my interests, but I also know when I love someone, I must accommodate his or her interests in addition to mine. That is often how I have developed new interests, and made my life more eclectic and interesting. It is also how I have not become an expert on many things I enjoy doing. I get spread too thin. 🙂

    1. It’s good that you are that considerate. Wish more people were. I used to want to be the know-it-all but that gets old real fast 🙂 I’m narrowing down my “specialties” so that I’m the best I can be at a few things.

      1. Cool, I’m downright cold sometimes, at night particularly. I shiver and shiver, then put on socks, then my robe, then get another blanket to throw on top of me. Cuddle up with the dog, then about 2 hours later I’m sweating.

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