You Missed This Because The Original Title Blew

Yeah I changed it. Figured since I’m on a NaBloPoMo binge I might as well go all in…

chair never stood a chance1

Some years after this photo:

  • The chair had major gashes in it from my shoes. I kept jumping (practicing my super hero moves) on it even after repeated warnings.
  • My mother enrolled me in a gymnastics class from which I earned a certificate. I flew on the vault horse and flopped on the uneven bars.
  • Valiantly fighting the big-girl stigma, I took ballet and jazz dance classes. I never got to the level of wearing pointe shoes but I did rock all my jazz dance moves.
  • My cat took over the chair and finished what my shoes started. A creature before its time, it looked like Edward Scissorhands had a go at it.
  • Even though we needed to cover the seat with blankets, the chair didn’t leave the house until Mom and I moved when I was in my late teens.

Stay tuned for more randomness in the life of Little G…


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