Battling Beasts Of The Blogging Wild


You see that picture above? That’s the way I felt when I started NaBloPoMo. I wasn’t going to allow my hesitancy to pull off a post a day for thirty days stop me from completing my goal. I had ideas in my head and on notes. I had tons of images to work with. I had this; as some of my fellow bloggers have recently told me. My drive was there. The support was there. Nothing would stop me.

Then I actually started writing. I signed up on the evening of November 5th. Already behind and nearing another day, I scrambled to think of what to post. Nothing seemed good enough. I typed and deleted like mad. I edited photos as if I was getting paid to, although I always did that. I tried to make posts short and sweet. But as I typed my thoughts found a much need release.

So I went with it. I figured I wasn’t the only one going through this. I knew I would catch up eventually. When I got settled, a schedule would be made allowing for breathing room.

But the Blogging Beast within tormented me with threats of horrible writer’s block if I didn’t finish a post, even if I’d been working on it for hours.  It reminded me of how many I’d done and had left to do. It lashed it’s tail at my hands when (mid sentence) I left the computer for snack or bathroom breaks, or God forbid rest. Sleep deprived with sore fingers, I typed on.

I’m about halfway through another week. I’m not too far behind. I’m doing my best responding to comments and reading fellow bloggers. I’ve come across some very cool people and I’m thankful for the views, comments, and encouragement. I apologize to anyone I haven’t gotten to sooner, especially my yeahwrite rowmies. I’m still in this to the end. But I felt like voicing my frustrations instead of talking to myself about them. Besides, I think my yapping exhausted my muse. Matter of fact I know it did. I believe her response was…

cute puppy

My sentiments exactly!

Puppy image note: I don’t know where this puppy came from. A friend sent it to me. If you know the owner or are the owner and want it credited, I have no problem giving it. Or I can take it down but then you’d be denying people all this scrumptious adorableness.


Go on now,  get to writing a post a day for the month of November. You can do it! And don’t forget to read and comment on posts from the gang at Rarasaur’s NanoPoblanoBlogHer’s NaBloPoMo@yeahwrite & NaBloPoMo Headquarters at BlogHer…Yes I know, I need to take my advice.

Special shout out to my rowmies:

Janice, Kylie, Runes and Rhinestones, and Elan


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