What Are You Doing?

I came across a phrase that set off thoughts I have about how people sometimes treat each other. I know there are loving people on earth and thank God for them. This is for the selfish ones.

So here’s my stream of thought with all its embittered goodness:

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It’s great that you have all this money, valuable resources, and power. Now tell me what are you doing with it? Are you using your influence to uplift others or hurt them? Do your “favors” come at the price of someone’s pride? Do you ever help people for the simple act of addressing their needs and not for what you can get out of them? I bet you don’t even appreciate what they give you when you get it. There are people so desperate to change their lives, they’re willing to submit to anything. And here you are holding keys making the difference between a miserable existence and a wish fulfilled. You use up every last bit of self-worth that person has left. For what? Do you feel better now? Did it increase your rank? Are you satisfied?



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8 thoughts on “What Are You Doing?

  1. It’s so true. In this world we live in, there is almost always some string attached. & There are devils lurking everywhere with empty eyes behind an expensive pair of shades.
    Selfishness is like an infectious disease. It can get us all if we let it. Thanks for the refreshing reminder. 😀

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