If A Girl Has A Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhich

Friday night while on the phone with my best friend, I contemplated making a snack. So she told me a great bedtime story centered around the ramifications of me having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at such a late hour. I tried to remember it as much as possible. My cheeks still hurt from how much it made me smile. It was super thoughtful and fun to listen to. Your buddy Glorious just couldn’t give you the words. I had to give you the storybook effect. So sit back folks and enjoy the tale…


© GHOOD gloriousmettle.wordpress.com
what’s so wrong about a sandwich and some milk?

If a girl has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, she’s probably gonna need some milk.

And if she has milk, she’s probably going to have to use the bathroom.

And if she uses the bathroom she’s probably going to go to bed.

© GHOOD gloriousmettle.wordpress.com
sleep? don’t think so

But is she can’t fall asleep right away, she’s probably going to watch things she should not watch.

© GHOOD gloriousmettle.wordpress.com
there is no good reason to go in there…

And if she watches things she should not watch, she’ll probably dream about things she should not dream about.

© GHOOD gloriousmettle.wordpress.com
told ya so!

And if she dreams about things she should not dream about, she probably won’t sleep very well.

And if she doesn’t sleep very well, she’ll probably wake up in a bad mood.

And if she wakes up in a bad mood, she might have a crappy day.

© GHOOD gloriousmettle.wordpress.com
this is not my happy face

And if she has a crappy day, at the end of that day, she’ll probably call her friend and tell her all about it.

While her friend is on the phone listening to the girl tell her about her crappy day, the friend will probably eat something.

And if the girl hears her friend eat something while she’s on the phone, the girl will probably make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…

© GHOOD gloriousmettle.wordpress.com
whatever you do, don’t eat the sandwich!!!


All images: © GHOOD + gloriousmettle.wordpress.com


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