Intentionally Weird And Other Labels

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Hey there people! If you didn’t already know, it’s INTERNATIONAL LABEL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

This holiday is a glimpse into the labels that you might not see at a glance, or even a second or third look.  Yet, they are the important labels — the ones that shape the how and why of us.

~ Rarasaur

I can’t believe how things have changed since I participated in the event last year. It has definitely been the year of reflection. I came across so many creative, funny, warm, and beautiful people via WordPress. Click the Label Day link above and see what others are saying about themselves. Although you might be intrigued by the words on their pictures, they are so much more than their labels.
Here’s another label to go with the others on my pic…
*willing to give love another chance even though I’m afraid to fall in love again* 
Further exploration of my labels:
Quixotic:  I’ll lay in bed when I first wake up, in dire need of a bathroom release and daydream about the dream I had. Once I did it for two hours. My bladder wasn’t happy.
Lover of British accents:  Pretty self-explanatory. Actually just about any accent that comes from the United Kingdom does it for me. I blame Monty Python and Excalibur.
Unabashed selfie taker: Ha ha, if only you knew just how many self “portraits” I have. It’s not vanity. I think it’s really about being happy with the image that stares back at me.
Keeper of the flame:  Yup just like Nina Simone. I can walk away from a relationship but my heart usually dawdles through a separation. I feel things deeper than I care to admit to myself or anyone else. It doesn’t stop me though.

5 thoughts on “Intentionally Weird And Other Labels

  1. Love Nina Simone too! Did you hear about the Monty Python reunion that’s coming up? And thanks for your honesty. Your disposition is contagious. I will now consciously have a good day.

    1. I can listen to Nina for hours. I didn’t hear about Monty. That should be interesting. I would love to see them in person. Any excuse to go back to London 😉
      Oh man, really, did I make your day like that? Wow, that’s awesome. And I know people say that all the time. But I mean it. I’ve got the blush face going and everything 😀

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