How We Doodle

A beautiful lesson on letting go and embracing the life you have.

busy mockingbird


Apparently, a lot of new people have joined our little campfire.   I’d like to say “Welcome!”  Come have a seat!

I’ve been getting a ton of new questions about how the kid & I doodle our little doodles.  I’ll start off by saying this didn’t begin intentionally.  I didn’t plan this out.  As I described in the post, my “art life” was very separate from my “mom life,” and that’s how I thought it had to be.  When our daughter first hovered over my sketchbook & asked to draw on one of my drawings, it was a lesson in letting go for me, and allowing her to be a part of something I have always been very passionate about.

But based on the comments I get on external blogs (probably because they don’t always link back to my original post, which describes the experience), I think some people…

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