A Bridge To Possibilities

Some connections are impossible to deny. When I feel that pull, that force that moves me beyond the limitations I put on myself. I leap from that box I made a pallet in. I dive right into that person. I want to know everything. Correction, I think I want to know everything. I may not think about the future of my encounters. A foreseeable future depends on the situation.

Once I had an 8+ hour conversation with a man while traveling via Amtrak. His wife and child sat across from us. I questioned his wife’s impression of us talking so long. He smiled and said she was happy she didn’t have to listen to him. His son asked if he could, “show daddy’s friend” the picture he made. I wanted to melt into my seat; you know woman’s intuition. The Mrs. glanced over at us from time to time. I was apprehensive to continue but I did. There were no sexual overtones. Just two people genuinely wanting to listen to what the other was saying. We also could have just been two jabber mouths. It was one of the best talks of my life. I never saw him again.

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How many great but brief interactions have I had? If I don my cynical hat I could say I was wasting my time getting to know people with no permanence in my life. I choose not to sink into that thought. For all the little moments I feel a connection to someone, sensing a person is reading my life by telling me their life story, I know it repairs the bridge between my heart and mind.

Whether the alliances I make will last is beyond me. As I get older, I believe they are ethereal. I want more people in my life who are there by choice and not because of history or a weak bond. Though some may fade as quickly as a smile. Sometimes all we need is a moment were two souls honor the other in the other.

Have you found that you look for different qualities in your current relationships than you did in the past?

The featured image includes words from the song Delicate” by Terrence Trent D’arby. It’s wonderful! You should give it a listen.


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6 thoughts on “A Bridge To Possibilities

  1. I can totally relate with this kind of meeting if minds. Although these encounters are so few and far in between, there’s just something joyful and life affirming about simply talking/connecting with a kindred spirit. There’s nothing else in the world quite like that feeling.

    1. Yes it is a wonderful thing. All the more reason to appreciate the moments when they come. It’s funny how technology has made it easier for us to connect with someone yet that very same tech makes people apprehensive to go beyond a comment here or there because they don’t know who is on the other side of those words.

      1. So true and we’re confronted by the negative side of things than the good… but I’ve managed to make a handful of truly awesome friends online over the years. When I stop and think about it, I realize it was worth even all that anxiety (although sometimes it didn’t seem that way at all!)

      2. Isn’t it funny how you can feel awkward about building a friendship with someone who you vibe well with? But like you said, it is worth it. This has been a great experience for me.

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