I Meant To Say That. Thank You!

November has not only been a month filled with unbelievable inspiration, it’s been entertaining with the new batch of commercials running. Thank you, you silly folks in the wonderful world of advertising. Giving me more weapons to add to my arsenal of things that irritate my loved ones. Oh the bliss. The WP editor is gonna mark all over this post…

Note: If you’re a stickler for proper vocabulary and grammar and what not, you may not like what I’m about to say…

Some bad boys just do it for me. I think Tom Hiddleston as Loki is Totes McGotes and a Hottie McHotterson: Never thought I’d see James Earl Jones or Malcolm McDowell like this and I LOVE it! Did you notice how these men all played a villain you can’t resist? I bet you rolled your eyes when you saw the commercial. Before I watched it online I thought James was saying “toast maghost”.  Hmm, my specialness knows no bounds. My god-daughter loves my impersonations when it comes on. She thinks it’s cra cra adorbes. No she doesn’t:

Smooshed: (although a little too close to splooged [I actually had to look this up] as a childlike voice is saying it) I know it’s a real word…Why the hell is this penguin messing with the dessert? No way his foot accidentally smooshed that cupcake. Mama penguin told him to stop playing around and he did whatever his frosty little tail wanted to do. “Where we going?”, he asks. I think Chilly Willy needs a pow-pow.

Santaaaaaaaaaa: Nothing odd about that save for the extra a’s. Except say it the way Will Ferrell says it in ELF.  And I do it often. Cracks me up every time!!!!! I’m tearing up now. I think of this one every Christmas. It’s not necessarily about a commercial although this scene always accompanies an advertisement for the movie…


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6 thoughts on “I Meant To Say That. Thank You!

  1. Elf was funny up through the ending. Gosh, it’s my pet peeve when movies get hokey. I wonder what it must be like to be on set as the corn starts rolling. Probably how they felt when they made Sharkboy and Lava Girl.

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