Inspired By A Quasi Disgruntled Hopeless Romantic

Now for the second quote in my series for completing NaBloPoMo. It’s inspired by a comment made by Purnimodo. I guess she sensed my ho-hum mood and put things into perspective. It worked because I focused on something better…
Image: © GHOOD + Glorious Mettle
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Go on now,  get to writing. Don’t forget to read and comment on posts from the gang @ Rarasaur’s NanoPoblano, BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo @yeahwrite, and NaBloPoMo Headquarters at BlogHer.

14 thoughts on “Inspired By A Quasi Disgruntled Hopeless Romantic

  1. Awwww. Now I want to have a Purnimodo, Glory, & Rara girl’s night. That’s not too much to ask of the world, right? 🙂

    PS – Glory, I’m going to be sending out my Christmas postcards soon, is your address the same?

    1. Stop it. You’ll make me teary eyed and stuff 😛 That would be really cool–not the tears, the hanging out–
      Yes the address is the same. I signed up for your mailing list. I know my card will be all kinds of Raraliciousness!

  2. We don’t often get told but we’re all stars, twinkling, beautiful, diamonds of the universe. We all shine brightly in our own unique way and though clouds might pass by, they simply cover us temporarily, they can’t ever extinguish our light. In your ho-hum moments remember just what a beautiful star you are to all who are lucky enough to know you 🙂

    1. Aww see, there you go! That was so so sweet. Thank you. You completely and beautiful got what that was all about. And you’ve inspired me to create something 🙂 You will always be a special star to me T. Don’t you forget that ♥

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