Almost Had It

Oh that sinking feeling when you think you’ve reached the last post but you are in fact two posts away from victory. I’m aware that my recent flurry of posts might have been a tad overkill. I’m sorry. I couldn’t rest knowing I didn’t have 30. There are only thirty days in the month right? Just checked. Whew!

I guess this post is like the MC for the next one. When I said November was inspirational I wasn’t kidding. I woke up with songs in my head. Before my morning cup of coffee, I needed to make notes before the words became vapor. I started writing again to the point where it seemed I forgot which November challenge I was doing. I’ve worked on so many photos and graphics I can see myself doing it as a career. I’m on a creative high. I might be overly sentimental but I feel like I have NaBloPoMo to thank for it. I’m not saying I would never have done half of the things I listed; I just feel that NBPM was the fuel for my fire.

Even though it’s December, don’t worry, there’s still more to come.

Image: © GHOOD + Glorious Mettle


Don’t let the date hold you back. Those posts aren’t going anywhere. Go on now read and comment on posts from the gang @ Rarasaur’s NanoPoblano, BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo @yeahwrite, and NaBloPoMo Headquarters at BlogHer.

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