Days Like This Were Made For Sundays

The weekend after Thanksgiving is usually a time to unwind and recover from the to and fro of it all. I didn’t do any Black Friday shopping. I spent my Saturday finishing up my NaBloPoMo challenge. I can’t believe I cranked out that many posts in two days!

I write to you in the same clothes I slept in. Yup, that kind of day. I just finished listening to a BBC London interview with George Barnett. Sounds good live. I like that in an artist. Lets me know the sound that originally captures my ear is an authentic one. Typing in near dark because the sun is quickly making its exist leaving me with an ever-changing steely blue sky. Through the near barren trees I see the street lights from the next door complex. There is a slightly annoying chill in my room. But my lower half is warm as I’m in a cocoon of blankets and listening to a Gregory Porter playlist. Thank you again Daydreams for bringing him to my attention. He’s a favorite around here already.

Image © GHOOD + Glorious Mettle

On my bed along with my phones, my camera, my remote, and a notebook, my headphones lay on top of my prize from a recent yeah write giveaway, The Equals in Print, Vol. 1. Thank you one more ‘gain Natalie! I especially appreciate the wrapping. Take notes people, heavy-duty brown paper bags from the store make sturdy packaging. I didn’t realize how much I love that new book smell until I held it in my hands. Opening the pages and reading the first line of the first story, I know this is the book for me…

Every New Yorker carries a map of the city in her mind, and I’m no exception to the rule.

 – Meg Blocker

I mean, how could I not get with this? I’m feeling so mellow right now. Mr. Porter will make you forget the sting of your problems and look at them like amusing oddities. I guess I’ll go take a shower and have some dinner before I watch Once Upon A Time with the god-daughter. Hope everyone has a good week. Don’t worry if you’re not all bouncy on Monday morning, everyone else will probably have a holiday hangover as well.

I’m working my way through comments and visitors. I appreciate you’re understanding. If I haven’t gotten to you, please hold tight.


6 thoughts on “Days Like This Were Made For Sundays

  1. You’re oh-so-very welcome, dear. Sundays are a time for just snuggling up with a blanket, aren’t they? I’m glad you like my taste in music. I had a feeling you would. (Us being so like-minded & all.)

    Hope the holiday treated you well. Get ready, there’s more on their way!

    1. My blanket was great company last night lol. Looking forward to more music introductions 🙂
      Things went well. Much to be thankful for. Hope you enjoyed yours.
      I have a big birthday coming up 15 days after Christmas so I guess I better get ready for rounds 2 – 4 😀

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