It Takes Courage

From the moment we behave in ways that bring us bliss, the world attempts to correct us. We grow up with stifling mores that seemingly want us to be anyone but who we are. Sometimes we don’t get in touch with our true identity until later in life.

When  I participated in International Label Day, I found it hard to pinpoint who I am exactly. Don’t I know this already? I’m quick to tell people who I’m not. The “who I  is” part tripped me like a puzzle. Why was I hesitant to state the piece parts (that I’m still learning) that I’m made of?

Image: © GHOOD + Glorious Mettle

I don’t have a manifesto. At least it hasn’t revealed itself to me. But there are things I’m unwavering about: I’m silly. I love fiercely and when I stop it can get pretty chilly. I’m sensitive. My dreams have dreams (they take over when I’m not looking). I’m crafty like nobodies business. I love to learn how things work. I’m learning that I don’t always have to be right. I repeat myself (it’s not selective to music). I’m shy and I put myself out there anyway. I know I’ll never know everything but it doesn’t stop me from trying.


Oh my God, yes, I’m still posting!

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