What’s It Gonna Be?

Don’t worry. This is not a resolution list or anything like that. Not that I have anything against them. Though I received great ideas from an anti-resolution list. I’m working on setting attainable goals that keep me motivated to carry out long-term changes.

I tend to operate under a cloud of perfection. I allowed this holiday season to run me down. Insisting things were just so before 2014 arrived, I was almost in tears around 11 PM. I was exhausted and still had things to do. Eliminating of any speck of 2013 dirt or clutter consumed me. To the normal eye, everything looked fine. Food cooked. Most of the cleaning done. I still needed to decorate, do laundry, clean my bedroom, and wash my hair, oh and make cookies…I know it’s ridiculous.

Once the ball dropped and the champagne sipped, I joked that I’d rather be dirty and happy than clean and miserable. It’s a bit of a stretch. This year I’m aiming for medium imperfect with a good dose of quite pleased with myself. Me getting organized often turns into a project with more steps than I can do in one session. Next time, I’ll complete a few tasks a day until I’ve reached my goal. Seems reasonable enough. Any recovering perfectionists in the house? Y’all already know…

Eventually the cookies got baked the next evening. The laundry still awaits. I forgot about it until I started writing this. I’m not fazed. Everything else got checked off the list. It’s great having my life in order but not at the risk of my happiness. I’m not advocating letting it all go to sugar honey iced tea. I’m simply leading the new year with a dedication to not overextend myself all the time.

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16 thoughts on “What’s It Gonna Be?

  1. I know exactly how you feel. My motto for this year is “let it be about happiness for once” 😉

    I think we’re on the same page.
    P.S. I saw in your below your posts that your b-day is comin’ up. I’m getting my party hat.

  2. I totally relate to the perfectionist drive. Behind it is a very nasty judgement of myself that I am trying hard to derail. The cookies sound great and I’m glad that you had fun.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


    1. Yes Kate, that judgmental aspect can really do a number on one’s mind. It’s so easy to pick apart every little thing we do. Hopefully in time and with positive self-inflicted Jedi mind tricks we’ll overcome the perfectionist bug 🙂

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