Along the Way with Gloria Hood, Designer and Maker

Hey, birthday presents came early this year. Sandra Harriette wrote an article featuring you know who…After you read and comment, stay for a while and dive in to the rest of her site.

A Life Inspired


There are some people who live and breathe creativity so fluidly that it forces them to create by any means necessary. That kind of drive can also mean drastic risk-taking. Gloria Hood (aka Glorious Mettle), muse whisperer and artist, knows exactly what that’s like. On her blog, she shares a little corner of her own world, urging her readers (and surely other job-seekers and opportunists) to be “superexcellent” throughout the shared journey.

Your blog is so dynamic, reflecting a multitude of your creative interests. Surely you draw upon some artistic, professional experience in order to create the way that you do.

Long answer: time. That’s funny! Not that the question is funny but that I wasn’t “working” when I started blogging. Three years ago, I quit my job as an administrative assistant in a computer lab to pursue jewelry design. It has been a slow process to make it…

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