‘Me’ Music – Soulful Selection

Until I do a full on music post…dig this line up. Some cool music here people!

Whimsical Eclecticist

I wanted to share some music. Well, I want to keep sharing music. And I realized I have not made a music post in the last month. Really, there’s is more than enough good music around, and even in my collection alone, to be able to share with you most days. Once a month is horrific. I do apologize. So, without further ado, I present to you tonight’s selection:

Fat Freddy’s Drop – “Clean The House

I saw Fat Freddy’s Drop, a New Zealand group, live a couple years ago. They are amazing. Absolutely spectacular live. I’m also more and more impressed each time they release something new.

Electric Empire – “Changin’

I saw Electric Empire live a couple years ago as well. Another great live band. I didn’t actually know them before that. They were opening for someone else. What a pleasant surprise. I own…

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