A Penny For Your Somedays

i’m gonna see you one day

so you can give me your lights and lock my wishes

lavish my pallet in all things delicious

rule me with your mystery

one day i’ll know why you call

through kingdoms

across the stars

reigning over my dreams

siren taunts in that blue

i only dare tiptoe

any closer

feeling the ancient sway

wonder how much longer can i drift under

before i float over

before i float over arcs of legend

listening for the birth of seasons

breeze through this city

flying on spheres

i’ll stop to fall in love

maybe with you

more than likely with the view

spare some change for a holiday

count those pennies

i’ll get there someday

…you’re seeing this post because I poked my head in to answer the Daily Post prompt…oh to wonder and wander through Paris, Egypt, Australia, Venice, and Amsterdam…one day!


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