The Poet Of Indecision Speaks

Look a here, on the day I decide to stop playing hermit and try to catch up with y’all, I find out it was World Poetry Day. Why no Goggle doodle? Hmmm?

I have two more time zones till the 21st is over in the US.

I need no excuse but it seems like a great way to break the ice on my blazing silence. I’ve written mainly for myself lately and it’s been uh, interesting. I take full responsibility for any and all weirdness…


I’m about to write these words

And just before they get to you

They’re gone

Lost in this void where the over-thinking occurs

I’m getting tired of the best parts of my life

Happening on the inside

Never shared with another that’s actually here

I feel bold when I write

Strong when I let those secret thoughts get some fresh air

But I don’t think you’ll understand

I’m also afraid that you will

My words have cabin fever

My heart tires of babysitting wayward prose

Yet still

The day closes on another empty page


Watcha Say Now?

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