Restless Empire

The lowering of the spiritual veil cast its spell on me once more. Shadows of the dead weren’t behind the haunting. It was the restless spirit of my hometown that did me in. Yup, that good old Empire State got me. And I gotta write about it because that’s the way I deal.

I have a thing for New York based movies because I’m that person. I was watching “5 Flights Up”. Great movie by the way; it’s quirky like me. I went from joyously pointing out places I knew, to pointing at the screen yelling “home!”, like a lost child. The trigger, a scene in my old neighborhood. The block was a stone’s throw from my own. The event culminated with me on the floor, on my knees crying. I know folks are probably like, wtf is wrong with her. New York is expensive. New York isn’t what it used to be…I’ve heard it; I’ve said it. I know.

But still, it’s my home. And no matter how much I think I’m past separation anxiety, shit like what happened tonight occurs. I don’t care how it sounds really. I mean it is what it is…

I’m listening to the rain trickling outside my window. The frenzy has washed over me. Memories tiptoe around my weariness.

Maybe New York misses me as much as I miss it.

It’s a nice thought.

(day 2 done)


5 thoughts on “Restless Empire

  1. Being as close as you were & after all of everything, going through it collectively with the country was something I’ll never forget to say the least. There are sad memories etched into my mind.

    I can only imagine if it was my home, like it was & is for so many of my friends & family.

    My head & heart are with you on this one, love.

    Take care sweet Glori.<3

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